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    Freed From the Waterless Pit

    When an emphasis on spiritual lack is the emphasis of the day, the church falls prey to thieves, robbers and those who would try to build their empire on her back...
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  • Take the Red Pill

    This series of messages confronts many of the monumental lies that loom large in the minds of modern revival-minded believers. There is a matrix of control and suppression that has gripped and held in bondage the Church of Jesus Christ for many generations. Men throughout history like Martin Luther, William Durham, E.W. Kenyon, etc… Read More
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Latest Video:

Sound of Awakening

Spiritual Warfare?

How are we to come at the issue of "spiritual warfare" from a new covenant, finished works perspective? What authority does the enemy have, and how efficacious was Christ's work in defeating him? Listen to this weeks teaching and find out.



For the end is not near

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Halloween Evangelism

& the Fear of Death

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Incarnational Boldness

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Mayor McCheese

2012 A Prophetic Word

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