3 Best RC Boats

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There, are different boats for different people and that’s what make it fun. From the kid who wants something to race to a hardcore enthusiast adult with a bigger budget. There is something out there for you.

However, when you are buying them, especially the higher end models, there is a lot that you should know. The following are some of the top three best RC models that you will find out there in the market.

Atomik RC Barbwire 17” RTR Self Righting RC Boat

This boat is the best-selling RC controlled boat on the market. In addition, its biggest selling point is the fact that it’s self-righting. This means that you can literally throw it into the water in whatever way but it will bring itself right up.

The Barbwire is really fast and responsive and it will never allow you to jump into the water all the time when it flips over.

It has a 2950Kv water cooled brushless motor and 30 amp water cooled ESC. In addition, it uses 2.4GHz radio and receiver for an interference free usage as well as long range operations.

It hits speeds of up to 25+ mph with its included 3S 1300mAh LiPo batteries. The boat comes in at $150.


  • Doesn’t go nose up.
  • Cheap price.
  • It’s lightweight.
  • It’s self-righting.


  • It’s small.
  • Wrongfully rated 14+ although it’s fine for young ones.
  • It’s not as fast as the high-end models.

32” RC Majesty 800S Racing Boat

If you are searching for something that is less involved. You can surely like the RC majesty 800S Racing Boat. It’s intended to be a toy, but it is among the best RC toys in the market.

It really looks great with its lime green accents and hits speeds of up to 20mph. this is standard for a toy boat and ideal.

The boat also has explosive SC350 type racing motor and the boat id really ideal for any enthusiast and skill of level.

It is a great beginners boat for those that are starting this as a hobby and the colors make it seem like you really know what you are doing. It comes at a cheaper price of $83.


  • Easy to control.
  • Really looks cool.


  • It’s not watertight.
  • It’s really not as fast as a hobby RC boat.
  • The remote leaves a lot to be desired.

Traxxas 57076 Spartan Brushless Race Boat

When it comes to radio controlled devices, you can bet on Traxxas not to disappoint. As a company, they also have RC boats that are pretty cool. Their best RC boat, the Traxxas 57076 Spartan Brushless Race Boat is one to admire. It is the fastest ready to race boat in the world. It hits 30+mph out of the box and 50+mph all out.

It entails the Traxxas signature TQi wireless module that turns your Android or iOS device into a powerful tuning tool for your boat.

Its 6S Li-Po compatible with built in low voltage detection and includes two 7-cell iD power cell battery packs with adjustable battery trays with hook and loop straps. In addition, it has a waterproof high torque steering servo.

Its motor is velineon 540XL high-output brushless motor with high flow water-cooling jacket. It is ready to race when you take it out of the box and includes a 4-amp peak detection DC fast charger. Its price is a whopping $600.


  • It’s stylish.
  • It has tweaking options.
  • It’s the fastest RTR RC boat available.


  • It’s expensive.
  • It needs iPhone 4 or higher for top speeds.